Never struggle with remote team management

undiffer keeps your team focused on their daily goals, reduce unimportant meetings and stay productive.


Stay in sync with your remote team

Know what your team is working on and help them reach their goals faster

Manage Remote Teams efficiently

Always keep a pulse on your remote team. Stay up to date with their work and help them wherever required.

Spend Less Time in Update Meetings

Get rid of an unproductive status update meetings. Increase your team's productivity at work.

Create Accountability in Team

Make your team accountable by getting them in the habit of creating Daily goals. Team accountability will improve work efficiency.


Automate communication & Manage Planning, Progress, Problems, and Solutions

Daily Team Check-in

Keep track of every team member. Quickly understand Team's top priorities and what everyone is working on.


Define Daily Goals

Start your day by writing your daily goals which is visible across the teams. No Daily Standups required.

Remove Blockers

Identify and remove roadblocks of your team members to achieve your business goals.


Work seamlessly across time zones

undiffer keeps your team in sync even when they’re spread across the globe. You can customize settings in team member's current timezone.

Automated Reports

Know how your team is progressing. Take immediate action when you see anything going wrong.


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Get 360° View of your team

Check your team progress from single screen. Evaluate your team's performance and help them increase their productivity.

Automated Notifications

Notify via email about holidays, leaves, and pending check-ins and take necessary action to resolve it.

Quick Glance on Goals and Blockers

Quickly review team goals and blockers and help them collaborate and resolve to move forward.

Track team's performance

Intuitive reports help you take required action to achieve team goals.


What are Daily Goals?

Daily Goals are the important tasks that you want to accomplish that day. All team members create their daily goals which are visible to relevant people so you don’t have to connect for status updates.

How can this help me save time?

With undiffer, you can reduce unproductive meetings. Teams know who will be working on what and who will need help during the day so they can adjust schedules and reduce unnecessary chat.

What makes undiffer different from other tools?

We are building this platform to unblock team’s work and align them(that’s why the name - undiffer) to focus on being the most productive and always have the right information.

Is undiffer a replacement for daily standup?

Daily standups are important to know who is working on what. For remote teams, remote standups are required to fit everyone’s schedule. Use undiffer for virtual status meetings.

How much does this cost?

We are going to release beta version next month. We would request you to join the waitlist to get early access by giving your email. We will keep you informed about the cost.

Does undiffer integrate with slack or any task management software?

It compliments and integrates with slack and other task management systems like Trello to increase productivity. We are working on important integrations and it will be available soon!

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